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We offer a wide range of specialized services to help you grow and manage your wealth. Every portfolio is hand-built with attention to your risk tolerance and the time horizon of your goals.

Tax Preparation

Sometimes the most complicated parts of your tax return can involve your investments. Why not bring that to a team that speaks both languages? 

Your life goals deserve a thoughtfully laid plan for success. Our advisors partner with you to analyze and project cashflow, net worth, savings strategies and more to ensure you get where you're going.

Estate Planning

Saddling your beneficiaries with the responsibility of your estate is an easily avoided problem. We'll help with Wills & Trusts, Power of Attorney and Health-Care Directives.

Insurance Solutions

Part of ensuring your goals are achieved is mitigating the risks they face. We'll make sure your insurance coverage adequately protects you and your family in the areas of life, health, disability and long-term care.

Legacy Planning

Caring for dependents, heirs or charitable organizations after your life is not just for the ultra-wealthy. Ensure your wishes are carried out for the people and causes you care for.

Investment Management and Planning services provided by Eckman Wealth Management, LLC (EWM), an affiliate of Eckman Financial Group, LLC. 


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