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Tax Preparation

Our job is to be there for every step in your financial lives and that includes taxes. Let us handle the burden of your taxes so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

Members of our team have experience handling individual income tax returns. We use our knowledge to to maximize your tax savings and minimize liabilities as permitted under current laws. 

We also have flexible options for handling your taxes. Our team can meet with you in person at our office in Scottsdale, Arizona, or we can handle the entire process virtually with online conferencing platforms. 

How It Works


We start by having a conversation with you and your family. Our team will see which areas we can maximize your return. 


We will securely gather copies of the documents needed to handle your return. Your data is important, so we take measures to keep your personal information protected. 


Once we have the documents, our team gets to work. We put together your federal and state returns and get them ready for filing. 


A member of our staff will review your return with you. It gives us one last opportunity to ensure we have all the appropriate information. We will then file your return. 

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