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Financial Planning

Advisory services offered by Eckman Wealth Management, LLC

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Every person is different, so why wouldn't your financial plan be unique to you? Let's build a plan that accomplishes your goals but remains pragmatic to the realities of life these days. Retirement is usually the ultimate goal, but there's plenty of life before and after that milestone. We'll discuss what challenges you're navigating along the way, as well as what your lifestyle will look like once you get there. 

We know that plans change. It's why we don't have a limit of only one or two meetings a year with your advisor. Our financial plans are living documents that change when you do, and our team is consistently available to serve you and deal with any new obstacles that come up during the year. We value communication as part of the business relationship, but often we're just excited to hear what you're up to!

How It 

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Sit down and talk with an advisor. We'll do a lot of listening and guide the conversation toward the gathering of information to shape your plan.


This is the fun part for us. We'll build cash flow and net worth projections based on the assumptions discussed with you and put it all together in a nice concise report.


We get to show you our work, make adjustments and make recommendations. You get to ask as many questions as you like and dream up other scenarios.


After we agree on a plan, it's time for us to get to work to get you on track toward your goals. As life changes come, we'll make necessary revisions to the plan.

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