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Advisory services offered by Eckman Wealth Management, LLC

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Investment management is our specialty and our passion, but we're not just stock and bond people. We don't drop you and your very specific investment needs into a model portfolio. Instead, we work with you to design a custom portfolio with a dynamic asset allocation. We don't have minimums and we charge a single flat management fee. 

Get the attention of an independent advisor with the protection of a stalwart custodian. We chose Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. to custody our assets because of their commitment to the safety and security of our client's accounts.

Investment Management

Our Process


Portfolio composition starts with a detailed analysis of your goals, time-horizon and appetite for risk. We don't take your money and drop it into one of a handful of models. Your asset allocation is hand-built by your advisor with your input. 


After we've agreed on the best portfolio mix for you, sit back, relax and let your advisor do the work. We use time-honed strategies like dollar-cost averaging to intelligently place your portfolio into a well-diversified mix of investments. 


We don't disappear after your funds are deposited. Expect to hear from us on a regular basis to check in on performance & our economic outlook. In the meantime, view your accounts 24/7 on our Client Portal.

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