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Charitable Giving

We know that giving back is important. You want to help further the causes that matter most to you.

While many charitable contributions are done with cash, there are several other vehicles designed for efficient giving.

Our team will incorporate charitable giving into your financial plan. We will work with you on smart, tax efficient strategies for furthering causes that you care about.

Depending on what you want to give and the amount you want to give, we will assist you in supporting organizations important to you.

Giving Back


You can give appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual funds to an organization. The gift allows you to avoid taxes on the appreciation and you can claim the fair market value as an itemized deduction on your federal tax return. 


A DAF allows you and your family to invest funds and gift them to charity when you want to. It also comes with potential tax savings that can come almost immediately. 


We can work with attorneys to assist in setting up charitable trusts. These vehicles give you flexibility in how you want to give. A charitable lead trust or charitable remainder trust provides support and tax benefits for you and charitable organizations. 


You can use life insurance to provide support for charitable groups. It's simple to add an organization as a beneficiary on a policy. Life insurance can also be an inexpensive way to leave a large gift for a cause you support. 

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