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About Us

Eckman Financial Group is an independent financial services firm. Our goal is to aid our clients in the creation of sustainable strategies to help them meet their long- and short-term financial goals. Every client's financial circumstances are unique and therefore each financial plan is tailored specifically to those needs. Peace of mind is key in investment relationships. We have built this firm based on these fiduciary values and our passion for helping our clients achieve their goals.

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Our Background 

For more than 20 years, Daryl Eckman had been taking care of his clients’ investing needs as a broker at big Wall Street firms. While he gained an incredible amount of stock market experience there, he wanted to offer more to his clients, more than just stocks and bonds.

Daryl wanted to offer a level of service that could help his clients grow in a way he just wasn’t able to at the corporate firms. So in 2012, at the forefront of the growing independent investment advisor movement, Daryl and Clint Carpenter started Eckman Wealth Management. Instantly, clients noticed a change. They were hearing from us more often, and our conversations went deeper into their personal goals and aspirations. They were no longer hearing, "Sorry, that's not our area." 

Soon, they would come to us with questions like, “should I buy or lease my car?” Or, “should I pay off my mortgage?” We quickly became our clients’ first choice for all things financial, coming to us with anything they can think of. We’re proud to be more than stocks and bonds. 

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Who We Help

Everyone. Yes, from the absolute novice to the high net worth investor, and all individuals and businesses in-between. We have never had & never will have minimums.

How We Do It

By investing in our team and our service offerings, we have structured our investment process in a way that allows us to accept any account and offer services to all.

What's in It for You

You get an entire team of financial professionals blending their experience, expertise and perspectives to work toward your goals. 

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