• Clint Carpenter

August 1, 2017 Market Commentary

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Listen in as Daryl and Clint cover various topics including: recent corporate earnings, the fading of the "Trump Bounce", signs of stress in the auto loan market, and our plow horse economy. We discussed whether or not we think we'll see another recession and touched on economic data such as the real unemployment rate and the real GDP growth rate. You'll also hear about how we build custom portfolios for each client and our financial planning process.

Summary of data covered at the top of the call*:

S&P 500 Index: 2,473

NASDAQ Index: 6,356

Brent Crude Price: $51/bbl

Gold Price: $1,271/t oz

Silver Price: $16.74/ t oz

Treasury Yields

1-year T-Bill: 1.23%

5-year T-Note: 1.84%

10-year T-Note: 2.3%

*All data is as of 11:00am EST, August 1, 2017

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