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Some of the biggest moments in our lives involve changes to our financial situation. After years of working with and helping clients navigate those moments, we decided to put together checklists to aid people in tasks that need to be completed. You can click and download these sheets below. Our advisors are also available to assist during these times. 

Image by Samantha Gades

Getting Married 

Marriage is a special time for love and celebration. It also comes with several personal and financial changes. You will want to address several items from updating tax withholdings to adjusting insurance plans. 

New Job

Shifting jobs can be an exciting time with new tasks and co-workers to meet, it also brings changes to your personal finances. You may have new benefits to navigate and an entirely different retirement plan to understand. 

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Image by Sergey Shmidt

Death In The Family

End of life is a difficult time for families. There are several items that needs to be addressed when a loved one passes away. Assets need to be shifted to heirs and agencies must be notified. 

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